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Strategy and Planning

The Cabinet Office oversees and coordinates policy­making across government, enabling departments to work together to achieve joint objectives.

Strategy Unit [opens in a new window]
The Strategy Unit’s role is to improve policy­making at a strategic level within and between government departments.

Policy Hub [opens in a new window]
Policy Hub offers a wide range of information and guidance on policy­making and delivery across government.

Government Social Research [opens in a new window]
Government Social Research contributes to policy-making, using research to understand and address key social issues.

e-Government Unit (eGU) [opens in a new window]
The e-Government Unit works with departments to achieve efficiency savings and improve access to public services through electronic delivery. The unit also sets standards for electonic services across government and runs the DirectGov and GovTalk web sites.

UK GovTalk [opens in a new window]
GovTalk enables public sector, industry and other interested participants to work together to develop and agree policies and standards for e-government through the UK GovTalk consultation processes.