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Online Consular Registration

Consular Registration

It is advisable for British nationals who are either resident in or visiting the countries listed below to register their presence with the British Consulate in the relevant country. This allows us to keep in touch with British nationals when they are overseas and provide consular assistance in the event of an emergency.

Afghanistan Hungary Poland
Albania India Qatar
Angola Iraq Romania
Antigua & Barbuda Iran Russia
Argentina Israel Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoire Senegal
Bahamas Jamaica Serbia and Montenegro
Bangladesh Jerusalem Singapore
Bahrain Jordan Slovenia
Barbados Kenya Spain
Bolivia Korea Sudan
Botswana Kuwait Taiwan
Brazil Lebanon Tanzania
Bulgaria Lesotho Thailand
Cambodia Lithuania Tunisia
Chile Macedonia Turkey
China Malaysia Turkmenistan
Colombia Mexico United Arab Emirates
Congo (Democratic Republic) Moldova Uzbekistan
Croatia Morocco Vanuatu
Cyprus Mozambique Venezuela
Egypt Nepal Vietnam
Estonia Nigeria Yemen
Ethiopia Oman Zambia
Germany Peru  
Ghana Philippines  
For further information and to complete our online consular registration form, please login below. To do this you will need to Subscribe to the website.