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Services for UK Companies

UK Trade & Investment is represented in over 200 FCO posts overseas, providing market information and advice on local issues to companies visiting from the UK.

UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisation that supports both companies in the UK trading internationally and overseas enterprises seeking to locate in the UK.

UK Trade & Investment has the following targets:

UK Trade & Investment has recruited, mainly from the private sector, nine International Trade Directors, one for each English region. The directors and their International Trade Teams have been strategically located in the Regional Development Agencies to ensure they play a full role in drawing up regional trade strategies. The first point of contact for inquiries by companies in the UK is their International Trade Advisor, located at their local Business Link.

UK Trade & Investment services include:

Teams of commercial officers at British Diplomatic posts overseas work to understand the local business environment and match opportunities to the capabilities of UK firms. Help for existing exporters takes a variety of forms aimed at meeting a wide range of customer needs. It ranges from the straightforward provision of information, through detailed advice in response to specific enquiries, to lobbying overseas on behalf of UK companies.

Visits by Ministers also play an important part in the success of UK companies overseas.

Working with industry, UK Trade & Investment has prepared strategies for each of its sectors. It is now drawing up sector action plans, which will reflect and inform both international and regional action plans. These strategies and action plans inform customers about the potential of each sector in priority markets and the action being taken to support companies in the sector who wish to trade and invest internationally.

UK Trade & Investment has established a Sector Partnership Programme, including training courses for trade associations; dedicated pages on UK Trade & Investment’s website (including a benchmarking study on the performance of ten industry sectors); operation of the Sector Partnership Fund and an annual seminar in conjunction with the Trade Association Forum.

Each of the Devolved Administrations is represented on the UK Trade & Investment board.

Sourcing supplies from the UK:

Direct business-to-business (B2B) sourcing
Contact us if you looking to source goods and services from the UK. We can alert UK businesses to your requirements.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, missions or other events can be an extremely effective tool for businesses. They allow you to meet UK companies and other organisations displaying their products and services, keep up to date with market trends, and make valuable contacts with prospective and existing customers, agents and distributors. The UK Trade & Investment provides details of events supported by UK Trade & Investment around the world where you can meet UK businesses.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions UK is the official website for the UK exhibition industry. It offers a comprehensive listing of all the consumer, public, industrial and trade missions to be held in major venues around the UK. You can search the list by exhibition type, date, organiser, or venue. It is available in 16 languages.

Boost your company's export business:
UK Trade & Investment has many ways to help your business develop its international trade capacity.