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Good Government Fund

The Overseas Territories Department (OTD) has responsibility for the annual disbursement of a programme budget of £3,256,733. Its goal is the maintenance of security and stability and the promotion of transparent, accountable government in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.


To support the delivery of FCO strategic international priorities, Public Service Agreement targets and objectives which relate to the security, good government and prosperity of the UK Overseas Territories.


OTD's Good Government Fund is a modest additional source of funding to the Territories' own resources and other HMG provisions. It does not preclude, and is not a substitute for, fundings from sources such as the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP), Directorate Programme Budget (DPB), Drugs and Crime Fund (DCF), Global Opportunities Fund or aid programme. Any project which would contribute to the achievement of the above objectives is eligible for consideration. Smaller projects (less than £10,000) should if possible be supported by delegated funds.

Projects should be discreet and time-bound, and subject to regular review. They will usually be for activities which complement initiatives being taken by OT governments, agencies or NGOs. Requests for a GGF contribution towards the cost of capital projects will not normally be agreed in view of the likely cost.

Activities likely to be most appropriate for Good Government Fund support include: maintaining good government and a high standard of administration of justice; respect for international obligations; improving law enforcement; limiting HMG's exposure to contingent liabilities; promoting civic rights and the participation of citizens in the democratic process, and generally helping to ensure the effective discharge of responsibilities reserved to HMG and Governors under the constitution of each territory. Projects should contribute to OTD and Post objectives. Examples include:

(a) Audit and Financial Control
(b) Constitutional Development
(c) Drug Interdiction
(d) Human Rights
(e) Investigation and Prosecution Costs
(f) Legal
(g) Offshore Finance/ Money Laundering
(h) Other
(j) Parliamentary Development
(k) Police
(l) Prisons
(m) Risk Management and Contingent Liabilities

This list is only indicative.

Size and Duration of Projects/ Commitments

Each year, ongoing projects/ commitments will be assessed using the evaluation reports for value for money. If the GGF Committee considers, after consultation with the Post or project originator, that a commitment is not worth continuing they may decide to seek early withdrawal.

Role of Governor's Offices/ Geographical Desks

Complementary Funding

In order to promote local commitment and sense of ownership, complementary funding should be sought where possible from OT Governments/ departments, particularly for larger projects.

Timetable for GGF Implementation

January - Posts to consider appropriate bids (in consultation with Geographical Desk Officers) in light of their and OTD's objectives.

February - Posts to submit project bids and Delegated Budget project bids, to Geographical Desk Officers by mid February. Delegated Budgets should cover projects of less than £10,000.

March - Early March: review and approval of project proposals by the GGF Committee. Mid March: Staff Officers/Governors informed of results of project selection process.

Selection Criteria

The GGF Committee will assess proposals on the basis of the information provided on the application forms and will focus in particular on the extent to which they meet Post and OTD objectives. The committee will consist of OTD's Deputy Heads, Heads of Section, the GGF Desk Officer and geographical Desk Officers. All proposals must be put to the Committee.


All project implementers should endeavour to secure positive publicity for their projects and the contribution they are making/have made to Government in the Overseas Territories.


OTD needs to be kept informed of progress on GGF projects and spend. Governors' Offices should send the GGF Officer a summary at the end of September and also at the end of January.


After completion of the project, including those funded by the Delegated Budget, Post should provide an assessment of its success in meeting Post/ OTD objectives.

Committed expenditure for FY 2003/2004 includes:

Good Government Fund Application Form  (PDF, 28.3KB)