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Diplomatic Neighbours

Diplomatic Neighbours

Diplomatic Neighbours welcomes the spouses of foreign diplomats to London and provides them with an opportunity to meet each other and British people of similar backgrounds and interests.

Our aim is to reach out to foreign diplomatic families to help them enjoy their posting in London and leave the UK with warm and positive memories of the country, its people and the FCO.

We do this through our groups situated around the London area, run by Group Co-ordinators, who organise local activities, offer help in settling into the area and introduce their members to British friends.

From the central Diplomatic Neighbours office, we organise the following: Membership is a one-off subscription of £40, which covers the whole of your time in the UK. Members pay for each event to cover costs and admin.

A membership application form follows which can be downloaded and sent with your cheque for £40 to the address below.

Diplomatic neighbours application form  (PDF, 19K)
Contact details:

Caroline Muir (Chairwoman),
Diplomatic Neighbours,
FCO, Rm: 1/96,
Old Admiralty Building,
The Mall,
London SW1P 2PA

Tel: 020 7008 0279
Fax: 020 7008 0280
e-mail: caroline.muir@fco.gov.uk