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The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (the Foreign Secretary) is responsible to Parliament for the work of the FCO. He is supported by two Ministers of State, three Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State, and a Permanent Under-Secretary of State (PUS) who is the Head of the Diplomatic Service. You can find out more about FCO Ministers and the PUS and their responsibilities. The FCO Organogram explains the organisational structure in more detail.

FCO Facts and Figures provides a snapshot of the FCO's organisation. The key aims, issues and priorities of the Foreign Office are outlined in more detail in the FCO Strategy section. The role of the FCO is examined, our policy priorities explained in the context of a changing international environment, our service delivery evaluated, and the way we work challenged.

The purpose of the FCO is to work for the United Kingdom's interests in a safe, just and prosperous world. For more detailed information about the FCO's objectives, how the work is funded, and how their success is measured, read more about our Objectives and Resources. You can read more about the FCO's objective of Promoting the UK, its commercial and other interests, across the world.

Wilton Park, an Executive Agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, runs conferences on key international policy challenges at its centre on the south coast of England. Further information and links to the Wilton Park website are available in this section.

Find out about the Buildings and History of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including our contact details and a map, a virtual tour of the FCO and some of the interesting Embassy and High Commission buildings overseas.

The Working for the FCO section tells you all about working for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the kind of careers we offer.

UK International Priorities: a strategy for the FCO
The first FCO strategy document has been published. It looks at the international priorities for the UK over the next decade, discusses the FCO's role in working on these issues, and the way we are organised to pursue with others an active, engaged and modern foreign policy. Read the Strategy.