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UK International Priorities: A Strategy for the FCO
'The purpose of this Strategy is to clarify our priorities, so that we can concentrate the efforts of the FCO where they are most needed, build flexibility and capacity to respond to the unexpected, and so best serve the UK and its citizens.' - Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw

A short summary of the strategy, and some useful facts and figures about the work and structure of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, are also available from the links below.

This is the first time the FCO has published such a Strategy. We welcome wider debate on the questions it raises. If you have any comments you would like to feed in, please email strategy@fco.gov.uk, or use the feedback form on this website.

Read the strategyHighlights of the strategyFacts and figures
The FCO Strategy, which was laid before Parliament as a command paper, is also available in PDF format in the Official Documents area of this website.

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