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DfES, Excellence and Enjoyment- A Strategy for Primary Schools *

On 20 May 2003, the Secretary of State launched Excellence and Enjoyment - A Strategy for Primary Schools which set out the vision for the future of primary education built on what we have already achieved. This vision is for a sector where high standards are obtained through a rich, varied and exciting curriculum which develops children in a range of ways.

The key to making this vision a reality lies in:

  • Empowering primary schools to take control of their curriculum, and to be more innovative and to develop their own character.
  • Schools setting their own targets for Level 4 and 5 at Key Stage 2, based on challenging but realistic targets for the progress of each child in the school, with LEA targets being set afterwards.
  • Trialling a new approach of supported teacher assessment at KS1, where tests underpin teacher assessment rather than being reported separately.
  • Encouraging schools to network together and learning from others in sharing and developing good practice.
  • Partnership with parents, which is vital in helping children to do as well as they can, and making wider links with the community.
  • Government acting more and more as an enabler with schools increasingly in control of the support they get to:
    • strengthen leadership, particularly leadership of teaching, and professional development to help teachers embed the principles of effective teaching and learning both in literacy and numeracy and across the curriculum
    • help schools design broad and rich curricula which make the most of links between different areas and provide opportunities for children to have a wide range of learning experiences

Copies of Excellence and Enjoyment - A Strategy for Primary Schools are being distributed to all primary schools shortly. Find out more about what the document means for teachers and schools.

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Ordering information

You can order paper copies of the document by contacting 0845 6022260 or emailing quoting reference number: DfES/0377/2003.

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