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about dcms

DCMS complaints procedure
What standard of service can I expect to receive from the DCMS?
We follow the six service standards for central government, the Whitehall Standards.
  1. We aim to answer all letters within 18 working days of receipt.  We aim to answer all the points raised in correspondence, be accurate and use plain English.  If it is not possible to reply within 18 working days then we shall send you an interim reply explaining the delay, answering any points we can, and advising when you can expect to receive a full reply.
  2. We will see visitors with fixed appointments no later than 10 minutes after the appointment time and we will give an explanation for any delay.
  3. All telephone calls will be answered within 8 rings.  Where an answerphone is used we will return your call within one working day.
  4. Our Public Enquiry Unit staff will be courteous and helpful.  They will identify themselves when requested to do so. Should the team be unable to resolve your enquiry, one or more telephone numbers or e-mail addresses will be provided to put you in touch with somebody who can.
  5. Complaints will be dealt with according to the procedures specified below.
  6. We will do everything reasonably possible to make our services available to all.
We adhere to the Government's Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.  We will give you full reasons for any refusal to allow access to information that we hold.
How can I contact the DCMS?
If you have any enquiries about the work of the DCMS then you can contact the Public Enquiry Service. The telephone number is 020 7211-6200 and the line is open between 10.00am-12.00pm and 2.30-4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). A recorded message is played outside these hours.
The Public Enquiry Service can also receive general written enquiries, at the address below.
If the enquiry is of a policy, technical or sensitive nature then it will usually be transferred to the appropriate official within the Department to handle.
What do I do if I wish to complain about the service I have received from the DCMS?
If you are unhappy about the standard of service you have received from the Department then we want you to tell us about it so that we can put things right. Equally it would be helpful to be aware of any positive comments you may have about the Department.
If you write to us at the address below, or send a fax, we will write back to you within 2 working days of receiving your complaint to let you know the name and telephone number of the official who is dealing with your complaint and how long you will have to wait before you receive a response.
We aim to reply fully to all complaints within 18 working days of receiving them. If it takes longer to resolve, we will explain to you why there is a delay and when you can expect to receive a full response.
If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive then you can ask for the complaint to be reviewed by a senior official within the Department.
We hope that all complaints can be dealt with satisfactorily by the Department, but you may, if you remain dissatisfied, ask the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (also known as the Ombudsman), via an MP (customarily your own), to investigate your complaint.
We will publish in our Annual Report a breakdown of the numbers of complaints we receive about the service we offer.
What do I do if I need help in making a complaint?
If you want help in letting us know that you are unhappy with the service you have received from the DCMS, you can contact:
Public Enquiry Service
2-4 Cockspur Street
London SW1Y 5DH
The telephone number is 020 7211-6200 and the line is open from 10.00am-12.00 and 2.30-4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).  A recorded message is played outside these hours.
The fax number is 020 7211-6032.

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