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Welcome to the new DCMS website. The site is very simple to use and we hope you will find the navigation intuitive. If you get lost, the 'home' tab at the top left of every page will always take you to the home page! Here are some useful tips:

Links in text are blue, bold and will underline when you move your cursor over them.

Searching this website
The search facility is located at the top right of every page. Results will be sorted by relevance. However, if you need more specific information, try the advanced search where you can explore by area or timeframe.

The links along the top of the page will take you to useful reference information such as press notices, publications and research and vacancies. The links on the left will also appear on every page.

The sitemap lists all the links throughout the site, just click on the small arrow to expand each section. 

We have provided access keys (press alt and 0 together then enter) for people who need or prefer keyboard shortcuts to navigate.

Downloading files
A majority of our documents are published in Adobe PDF format, and are clearly marked with the file size. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents. If you don't already have it, you can download free from the Adobe website. Visually impaired users whose screen reader software is not compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 can find online tools that convert PDF documents into text at the Adobe accessibility website.

Every page also has a 'printer friendly' version - look for the link at the bottom of the page. A new window will open which removes the navigation elements.

Optimum viewing
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If you have any problems using the site or wish to feedback comments, please feel free to contact the webteam -  

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