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BETT Awards

The BETT Awards recognise and reward the producers of high quality hardware, software, and online resources.

With a 30% increase in entries this year, one major new initiative has been a pilot scheme investigating how each shortlisted ICT resource is being used to deliver the curriculum.

This research offers an insight into how products recognised through the BETT Awards have transformed teaching and learning in a range of settings from early years to post-16.

Over 50 practising teachers and lecturers were involved in the judging process.

Becta encourages practitioners to work closely with the ICT industry to inform the development of products that enhance teaching and learning. Find out about the many opportunities there are to become involved in the BETT Awards by emailing:

Over 300 products were entered in the BETT Awards 2004, and all were supported by nominations from teachers and lecturers. The winning and shortlisted resources were assessed rigorously by a panel of independent judges and practitioners.

BETT Awards 2004 winners

Download the pdf of the new publication, Rewarding Excellence in ICT for further details about the BETT Awards 2004, information about the winning and shortlisted films, and what practitioners say about them.

For more information about the BETT Awards please email: or phone the BETT Awards Team at Becta on 024 7641 6994.

BETT Awards 2003
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