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Before You Go

UK residents make over 58 million overseas trips each year. But as many as 1 in 7 of them fail to take out adequate travel insurance. It is a situation that spoils thousands of holidays each year. As all travellers face some level of risk a bit of pre-planning will prove invaluable once you are on your way.

To be well prepared we recommend you make a note of the address and telephone number of the local British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate before you go and follow the advice given on passports and visas, travel insurance, money matters, health and drugs.

Travellers Checklists - make sure you are well prepared and have a safe holiday
'It won't happen to me' - five locations where injuries are most likely to occur

Security Information for Business - Information for businesses on issues of security and political risk faced when operating in particular markets overseas.

Don't bring back more than you bargained for logo Illegal Imports Campaign
Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

The campaign aims to reduce the risk of exotic animal disease entering the country and then threatening our public health, livestock, agriculture and horticultural industries.

For further information on the regulations of bringing back meat, animal products or plants from outside the EU please visit the DEFRA Illegal Imports website.