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The drug phenomen is unique in the number of aspects of people's lives that it affects. It touches on the health of individuals, on political and economic development, the security of the public on the streets, and even the stability of Governments. Drugs are a global problem with shared responsibility between producer and consumer countries.

Almost all the world's cocaine is produced in Latin America. The United Kingdom liaises closely with Latin American governments in the international fight against illicit drugs. Through diplomatic channels we discuss the implementation of international legal instruments against illicit drugs. Multilaterally, the UK plays a full part in EU/ Latin American and UN dialogue on drugs matters.

UK bi-lateral counter-drugs assistance to Latin America has included: training in drugs search techniques, sniffer dog training, provision of computer analysis software, and demand reduction assistance. The UK also contributes to projects administered by the UN International Drugs Control Programme (UNDCP) in Latin America including: alternative development projects, institutional strengthening of national counter-drugs agencies, and coca cultivation monitoring projects.

British drug law enforcement agencies work closely with their counterparts in Latin America. Operational cooperation in the region is excellent.

For further information on the FCO's Drugs and International Crime Department, click here.