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EU Myths

Straight bananas? Square tomatoes?

Myths about the EU abound. These pages provide the facts.

In the United Kingdom, much of the information that people read about Europe is misleading or inaccurate. For an informed debate on Europe, it is of vital importance that the public has access to the facts about Britain's membership of the EU. Without the facts, such myths take on a life of their own - becoming a form of received wisdom.

These pages seeks to reveal the facts behind many of the myths on Europe in the British public domain. There are four major categories.

  1. The Common Misconceptions pages address some of the concerns that British people commonly have about Europe and responds with the facts to myths. This includes a 'Rebuttals' section dispelling certain 'euromyths' that have appeared in British papers.

  2. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains examples of the hundreds of letters and e-mails the Minister receives from members of the public - some are positive, some negative - with replies from the former Minister for Europe Mr Vaz.

  3. On the Newspaper Articles page you will find some examples of newspaper articles commenting on European issues.

  4. The 'Statements on Europe' pages contain a range of quotes from other European leaders to show that they share similar views with us on the development of the EU.

Keith Vaz, the former Minister for Europe, debated the Sun's Political Editor (Trevor Kavanagh) on these and related issues (click here to read the transcript), and wrote a follow-up letter to the Sun.

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