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Key Foreign Policy Issues

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The Mission of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is to promote the national interests of the United Kingdom and to contribute to a strong world community. The following 'key issues' in British foreign policy have been prepared for users of the website, including statements of British policy and a tailored 'latest news' page on each individual subject. Why not bookmark the sections which interest you most, or personalise the site to highlight these areas?

  • Africa Factbook
    British Policy. Country Profiles. Sierra Leone: Attempts to Restore Peace. Western Sahara: Moving The Peace Process Forward. Useful Links.

  • Asia Pacific Region
    Profiles of countries in the region.

  • Balkans
    Country Briefs. Stability Pact for SE Europe. Useful Links.

  • Britain and the European Union
    ‘Your Britain Your Europe’. Facts, not Myths. Institutions. Member States and Applicants. Policies. Publications. Relations with the rest of the world. Your say.

  • Britain, China and Hong Kong
    Background Briefs for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Six monthly reports.

  • Commonwealth
    Commonwealth Day. Commonwealth Games. Shared values. Towards shared prosperity. Diverse community. 50 Years of the London Declaration. Commonwealth debate.

  • Drugs and International Crime: Tackling the Threat
    Co-ordinating the international drugs and crime efforts. Tackling the major drug threats. The tools to implement the strategy. The UK's law enforcement network. International organised crime: tackling the threat.

  • Environment
    Information on Funds and Initiatives. Biodiversity. Climate Change. Environmental Security. EU and Multilateral work. Sustainable Development. Useful links.

  • Falkland Islands
    Brief Overview. Constitutional Status. Contacts with Argentina. Economy & Natural Resources. Geography & History. Security. Sovereignty. Visits to the Falkland Islands.

  • Global and regional organisations
    Commonwealth. Council of Europe. European Union. NATO. OSCE. United Nations.

  • Global Economic Issues
    Information about the global economy, including: Globalisation; Global Citizenship; International Organisations; Global Citizenship; the FCO Economics Essay Competition.

  • History Notes
    Foreign Office 'Released Papers'. Locarno 1925: Spirit, suite and treaties. Nazi Gold. Report on Britain's Accession to the EC. The FCO: Policy, People and Places. The Zinoviev Letter. Women in Diplomacy.

  • International Coalition Against Terrorism
    Aghanistan country profile. Updated travel advice. Pakistan: Consular registration form. Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities. US terrorist attacks: Consular assistance.

  • International Security
    Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. European Security and Defence Policy. Strengthening NATO in its Modern Role. The International Fight against Terrorism. Useful links.

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
    About LACD. BBC World Service. British Council. Caribbean Forum. Country Briefs. Development Assistance. Drugs. Environment. Human Rights. Rio Declaration. Useful Links.

  • Middle East Peace Process
    Frequent questions and answers. Historical background. Recent policy issues.

  • Promoting the UK
    British Council. FCO Information Centre. Information kiosks. Millennium Festival open days. Planet Britain 2000. Scholarships. Working with Foreign Journalists. World Service.

  • Public Forum
    Interactive fora on key foreign policy issues. Archived debates: The G8 Summit in Genoa; The Nice Treaty. The future of the Commonwealth. The EU Stockholm Summit.

  • Relations with Iraq
    Recent and forthcoming events. Fact Sheet. Oil for Food contracts. UNSCR 1284: A New Way Forward / Key Provisions. UNSCR 1352: Proposed Changes. The Iraqi Regime's Record. Human Rights. Relevant links.

  • United Nations
    Background information on the UN. Drugs & terrorism. Emergency assistance. Human rights. International Criminal Court. International law. Millennium Summit. Peace & security. Sustainable development. The UK commitment. The UK's stake in the UN. Useful addresses.