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All overseas nationals who wish to enter the UK must satisfy the immigration officer at the port of arrival that they meet the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules.

The Home Office, through its Immigration and Nationality Directorate, is responsible for immigration policy and the UK's on-entry and after-entry controls. The Migration and Visa Division of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office runs the UK's pre-entry control, through its overseas entry clearance operation.

Some people must have a valid visa before arrival in the UK. Others who do not have to have a visa may find it helpful to get one anyway to ensure they are eligible to enter the UK. Click here for further details on entry clearance procedures, and to check if a visa is required for your visit to the UK.

Please note that this web site does not contain information on the visa policies imposed on British nationals by other countries. If you are seeking such information, please consult the web site of the London Embassy or foreign ministry of the country in question; or contact the nearest Embassy of that country directly.