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WORKSTEP - supported employment

The WORKSTEP employment programme provides support to disabled people facing complex barriers to getting and keeping a job. It also offers practical assistance to employers.

WORKSTEP employment programme to be replaced by Work Choice

From October 2010, WORKSTEP, Work Preparation and the Job Introduction Scheme will be replaced by Work Choice.

If you want to know more about Work Choice, contact your local Jobcentre Plus office.

If you are already on WORKSTEP, your WORKSTEP support adviser will be able to talk about what the change might mean for you.

About the WORKSTEP employment programme

You may benefit from WORKSTEP if you have a disability and wish to have a job where you can:

  • develop and improve your job skills
  • have the opportunity to develop and progress through training and support
  • have the right kind of support and encouragement when you need it

Contact your Jobcentre and ask to be put in touch with a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA). Your Disability Employment Adviser will tell you whether you're eligible for the programme and help you decide whether it is right for you.

Tailoring to your needs

WORKSTEP can provide support to you and your employer:

  • in almost any type of job
  • that will be tailored to your individual needs

WORKSTEP gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of different jobs through a wide range of organisations from small high street shops to national companies. You will get the same wage as non-disabled colleagues doing the same or similar work.

If you're starting a new job, the WORKSTEP provider will introduce you to your manager and colleagues at work and keep in touch to make sure everything is going smoothly.

You will be able to agree a development plan with your WORKSTEP provider and your employer which makes sure you get the necessary training and support to learn to do your job, and develop in it.

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