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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Swine flu - everything you need to know

The sections below provide health and travel advice and more information on what swine flu is, what to do if you think you have it and what the government is doing to help combat it.

If you think you have swine flu

If you think you have swine flu symptoms, stay at home and contact your GP.

They will be able to assess you and decide what treatment is appropriate.

For more information on the symptoms of swine flu, read 'Do you have swine flu?' below.

Do you have swine flu (influenza A H1N1)?

Symptoms of swine flu include a fever, cough, headache, weakness and fatigue, aching muscles and joints, sore throat and a runny nose.

Learn how to check if you have swine flu and who is most at risk.

Treatment and prevention

Find out how and where to get antiviral drugs to treat swine flu.

You can also find out more about the swine flu vaccination programme, or find tips on how to limit the risk of catching it in the first place.

Evidence that you are sick

You do not need to provide a doctor’s sick note for the first seven days you are sick. If you are sick for more than seven days, you will need to ask your doctor for a sick note for your employer.

For more information, follow the link below.

Pregnant women and parents

If you are a parent or expectant mother, follow the 'schools, parents and pregnant women' for tips to keep yourself and your child safe from swine flu.

Pregnant women can also find information by downloading the 'swine flu and pregnancy' information leaflet.

Travel advice

If you have swine flu, do not travel until after your symptoms have stopped.

If you need to cancel your holiday, keep all the original documentation you receive, including the label from your medication, as insurers will need it to validate your travel insurance claim.

Travelling to the UK

While there have been cases of swine flu in the UK, travel to the UK is not restricted.

If you get swine flu while in the UK you will be able to access the same advice and treatment as UK residents. However, if you have symptoms of swine flu, you should delay travelling until you are well.

Government action

A national vaccination programme has been launched to protect high-risk groups against swine flu.

Find out what else the government is doing to help combat swine flu and protect everyone living in the UK.

Swine flu information leaflets and videos

Flu video

There's a simple way to remember this: CATCH IT. BIN IT. KILL IT.

As well as the standard English version, the Swine Flu Information leaflet is also available in more than 15 other languages.

Large print and spoken versions are available for people who have difficulty reading, as is a Braille copy for the partially sighted. There is also a British Sign Language version for the hearing impaired.

You can also watch the TV advert.

Asylum seekers, refugees and foreign nationals

A number of leaflets explaining the current situation with swine flu have been published for people who cannot speak or read English. These include asylum seekers, refugees and other foreign nationals.

For the Arabic version of this leaflet, follow the 'swine flu – Arabic' link below.

For alternative language versions, follow the 'information for asylum seekers, refugees and foreign nationals' link below.

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