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Things to do in the school holidays

For parents, managing holidays can mean having to find new childcare arrangements or activities to keep children busy, but there are resources and initiatives that can help.

Holiday activities for children

Holiday playschemes are an affordable way to find holiday childcare. The schemes are for children aged 5 to 11, though some also cater for older children. The playschemes offer groups of children activities like arts and crafts and outings.

A number of organisations offer holiday camps for children. Some of these are residential, while others are day camps. Some include special activities like sport, arts and crafts or camping trips.

The British Activity Holiday Association (BAHA) is the trade association for private activity holiday companies. Their website includes a list of providers specialising in children's holidays. Some of these are for families and others for children only. All members of BAHA must keep to the BAHA code of practice and standards.  

Some ideas for children's outings

Museums and galleries have on-going activities for children and during the holidays many run special events or programmes. Most major museums and galleries have free entry, and many offer special activities on a daily basis to help children enjoy and get the most out of their visit. 

Days out at the beach, in the country, or visiting heritage sites, can be affordable and enjoyable for both adults and children. Trips to amusement parks and adventure playgrounds could be another option to consider during the holidays.

Childcare in the holidays

For working parents, childcare during the holidays can be a problem. Many families get a hand from grandparents and other relatives, while others arrange holiday childcare or book children in for summer activity programmes.

You may also want to think about finding a childminder or looking at other childcare options for the holidays.

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