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Business guidance for specific disruptions

The UK government considers national risk and disruptive challenges that could affect the UK over a five-year period, and assesses their likelihood and impact. The resulting assessments are used to develop contingency plans and emergency response capabilities.

Your business continuity plan

Businesses may find this information useful when developing and reviewing their business continuity plans, and when considering the business continuity requirements for organisations in their supply chain.

Loss of staff in an emergency

If your staff can’t get to work or there is a pandemic flu outbreak you’ll need to plan staff resources in advance to cope.

Loss of transport or business location in an emergency

In an emergency you may find that transport is severely disrupted or that you can’t get into your business premises. Find out why this might occur and for how long.

Loss of utilities and communications in an emergency

Loss of gas, water, sewerage and fuel can disrupt small locations or nationally. Find out how you could be affected.

Risk Register

You may find the 'Considerations for Businesses and Organisations' set out in the National Risk Register (see below) helpful. It describes the type of major emergencies the government considers might happen, and the nature and scale of consequences were they to do so.

That does not mean that all activities within individual businesses should be resilient to all of the challenges set out below, which may neither be appropriate nor affordable. Similarly, there may be other risks particular to individual businesses that are not reflected here. Therefore, material should not used be a substitute for carrying out business-specific risk assessments which should underpin all emergency planning and business continuity management processes.

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