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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hearing care and services

If you are experiencing problems with your hearing, contact your doctor or the social services office of your local council. They can help you find out about the range of services available.

The National Health Service

If you are over 16, hearing therapists are available in some National Health Service (NHS) areas to help you adapt to a hearing loss. They can provide an individual programme of support and communication training and counselling for you and, if necessary, the people you live with.

They also give advice about equipment and services. The NHS provides hearing aids and maintenance of them for free.

Equipment and support from social services

Social services departments vary both in terms of the equipment and support services they supply and whether they charge for it. You usually won't have to pay for equipment as it will be on loan to you.

They can provide information about:

  • interpreter services for sign language users
  • lip-reading classes run by social services, the local education authority, clubs or clinics
  • social clubs run by voluntary groups or your local¬†council

To find out what is offered in your area, contact the local council. Ask to speak to the Sensory Support Team or the person who works with deaf or hard of hearing people.

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