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The policing pledge

The policing pledge is a set of promises from the police to you about the services they will provide. All 43 police forces in England and Wales have agreed to keep those promises so the same set of promises apply wherever you are. Find out more about what that means to you.

What the pledge promises

Neighbourhood policing teams can give you information including local crime statistics and crime maps.

Through the national policing pledge, every police force promises to listen to you and your neighbours, and to act on any problems you raise with them.

The pledge promises that:

  • police will treat you with dignity and respect at all times
  • emergency 999 calls will be answered within ten seconds, and that help will be sent immediately
  • if you call 999, you’ll be told when help will get there, and it will be there on time
  • police will handle non-emergency calls quickly
  • if you need to make an appointment to discuss local crime problems, you can
  • neighbourhood policing teams will spend at least 80 per cent of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood
  • your neighbourhood policing team will keep you informed about what they are doing about local issues and priorities

The pledge also says that if you're unhappy with the service you've received and you report that to the police, police will get in touch within 24 hours and discuss the situation with you. They will give you the opportunity to talk about it with someone from your local police, in person.

You can read the full national policing pledge by following the link below.

Neighbourhood policing teams

You can find out more information about your local neighbourhood policing team by visiting its website. It should contain information about when and where its next public meeting will be held, as well as local crime statistics and crime maps.

It will also help you find out other ways you can get involved in doing something about crime in your neighbourhood.

Learn more about neighbourhood policing teams by following the link below.

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