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National Minimum Standards

  • Last modified date:
    10 June 2009

The National Minimum Standards (NMS) are designed to ensure that care provision is fit for purpose and meets the assessed needs of people using social care services.

An introduction to the National Minimum Standards

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) must take the NMS into account when assessing whether or not a service complies with the appropriate service regulations. However, compliance with the NMS is not itself enforceable. CSCI can also take into account any other factors it considers reasonable or relevant when assessing whether a provider is complying with the regulations.

As with the service-specific regulations, each type of service also has its own set of National Minimal Standards.

Review of National Minimum Standards and regulations for adult social care

The Government made a commitment to review the NMS within three years of their introduction. On 27 October 2004, the Government announced the start of the review of the standards and associated legislative framework for adult social care.

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