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Smoking remains the main cause of preventable disease and premature death in the UK. About 8.5 million people still smoke in England today, and over 80,000 deaths a year are due to smoking in England alone. That is why the Government White Paper Choosing Health: Making healthier choices easier, (building on the 1998 White Paper Smoking Kills), promised new action to tackle tobacco.

The Department's tobacco programme is split into six 'strands', which each contribute to the overall reduction in smoking. Since 1998 adult smoking rates in England have fallen from 28 percent in 1998 to 21 percent in 2008 - a fall of nearly 2.5 million. These are the lowest smoking rates in England on record.

You can find out information on each strand by using the links below

Additional links

Media campaigns

Take a look at the new 'Right tools for the job' Smokefree campaign advert

Media campaigns (opens new window)

Take a look at the recent advertisments that highlight the impact smoking related diseases can have on families.

Smoking, drinking and drug use

Statistics on the use and misuse of alcohol, on smoking including smoking cessation services, and on drug use, misuse and treatment.

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