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Local data on pregnant women smoking at time of delivery

  • Last modified date:
    25 February 2010
Mother in bed breastfeeding her newborn baby. Father seated beside the bed.

The Government recognises that helping pregnant women give up smoking leads to health benefits for themselves and their unborn children. Since the beginning of the NHS Stop Smoking Services in 1999, local Services have had a particular focus on helping pregnant women who smoke to give up.

The Government provided pump-priming funding for the NHS in 2002 /03 (a total of £6m) for specialist advisers (usually midwives) to help pregnant smokers to quit.

The Priorities and Planning Framework for 2003/04 - 2005/06 set Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) a target to achieve a one percentage point reduction in the numbers of women in their populations smoking throughout pregnancy. From 2005/06, action on smoking in pregnancy will be delivered as part of PCTs' work in partnership with Local Authorities to reduce infant mortality. Nationally smoking in pregnancy has fallen from 23% in 1995 to 19% in 2000 to 17% in 2005 - the latest available data.

Information received on a pregnant women's smoking status is shown in the links below. This data is also sent to Regional Tobacco Policy Managers at Government Office of the Regions, and Strategic Health Authority Local Delivery Plan Return (LDPR) contacts.

Data Revisions Policy for NHS Performance Monitoring Data

PCTs can revise previous submissions under the DH revision policy.  Data on the DH database can be revised using the DH revision policy, which can be found on the NHS IC Omnibus site associated with this return..  We will then update this data at the earliest convenience.  All revision must be submitted on the revisions spreadsheet below. Just download the revision spreadsheet, fill it in and send it to Conrad Ryan at (  Please remember that the revised data must pass the routine validation criteria as described in the "Smoking at time of delivery guidance" which can be accessed via the link above.

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