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NHS reference costs 2003 and National tariff 2004 (Payment by results core tools 2004)

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    Department of Health
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    5 February 2004
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In previous years the Reference costs publication has brought together average costs for all HRGs and a Reference cost index (RCI) for each NHS trust. For the first time this document brings together the Reference costs, the national tariff and cost weights to be used in commissioning services in 2004/05. These, along with guidance on commissioning services under payment by results, and a model SLA schedule, will provide the core tools for the NHS to take forward payment by results for next year.

The three main narrative sections of this document describe these components and explain in detail :

  • The make up of the Reference Costs Index and Reference Cost Schedules;
  • How the Reference Costs are translated into the tariff and cost weights;
  • The scope of the tariff for 2004/05;
  • The method used to calculate a spell-based tariff; and
  • How to make best use of the model SLA schedule

We remain committed to developing and refining these core tools of Payment by Results, and to extending the range of services covered, including mental health and community care, along the lines set out in the recent consultation document 'Payment by Results : Preparing for 2005' .

Erratum: Para 11 on page 10 should now read '3.0%' and '7.9%' instead of '3.3%' and '7.7%'.  The overall uplift figure stays at 11.2%

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