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Our healthier nation a contract for health

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    Department of Health
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    1 January 1998
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    Cm 3852
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    Crown Copyright

This Green Paper sets out the proposed 'Contract for health' as a partnership between the Government, local organisations and individuals. The aim is to improve people's living conditions and health. The need to reduce the widening inequalities in health is one of the priorities of this policy. Preventing avoidable illness will allow concentration of resources on other health conditions. Improvement in factors which effect health are targeted, these include individual life style, social and economic aspects, the environment and access to services. The Government aims to improve the health of the population in terms of lifespan and years free of disease, and to improve the health of the worst off in society thereby reducing the health gap. Action will take place in the settings of schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods. Four targets are set for 2010; deaths from heart disease and strokes to be reduced by a further third in people aged under 65, accidents to be reduced by a fifth, deaths from cancer in people under 65 to be reduced by a further fifth and in mental health a reduction by a further sixth of deaths from suicide and undetermined injury.

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