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NHS plan implementation programme

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    Department of Health
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    22 December 2000
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This document sets out the overall programme and arrangements for implementation of the NHS Plan and identifies provisional milestones and key targets for 2001/2002. Implementation needs to be planned and carried forward at all levels: Nationally, regionally and locally. It is intended that the process involved will be integrated into the normal planning processes for the NHS and Local Government. This document sets out the national framework for implementation within which regional and local plans will fit. It will provide the framework for reviewing Health Improvement Plans (HImPs) and agreeing Service and Financial Frameworks(SaFFs), Joint Investment Plans (JIPs) and Primary Care Investment Plans (PCIPs) for 2001/02. More detailed information on the requirements and timetable for the coming planning round will be provided shortly. Successful implementation will only be achieved through the efforts of the teams of staff - from the NHS and social care - throughout the country who work directly with patients and users. This implementation programme is designed to support them in their work. The targets and milestones in this document will be reviewed and updated by the Modernisation Board on a regular basis. [Book abstract].

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