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Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH)

Recommendation 160

Recommendation 160

Recommendation 160

The publics involvement in the NHS should particularly be focused on the development and planning of healthcare services and on the operation and delivery of healthcare services, including the regulation of safety and quality, the competence of healthcare professionals, and the protection of vulnerable groups.

9.13 The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health will be a new national body for patients and will oversee the local structures for public and patient involvement. It will set standards and provide training and guidance for the new public and patient involvement mechanisms. It will:

  • facilitate the effective operation of patient and public involvement and representation systems at local, regional and national level;
  • identify and disseminate quality standards for the establishment, operation and evaluation of the public and patient involvement system;
  • set criteria for this evaluation and make recommendations and reports to the Secretary of State on the outcome of this;
  • inform, advise and support local public and patient involvement bodies;
  • provide a national assessment of the performance of the public and patient involvement system; and
  • report to other independent bodies, such as CHI and NPSA, data on matters relating to patient safety and welfare that emerge through the whole system of patient and public involvement.

In addition to these national functions the Commission will also undertake a set of functions at PCT level by a network of specialists. It is likely that there will be one team of specialists for each Strategic Health Authority area.

9.14 The key aim of these teams will be to engender and promote public involvement in the NHS - ensuring that as many people as possible have their say and are able to become involved. It will do this by training people who are interested and, where necessary, organise separate public involvement exercises so that community views are comprehensively reflected in local decisions that affect the health of communities. In addition:

  • they will work alongside Patients' Forums helping them to undertake their functions;
  • they will facilitate and co-ordinate the work of Patients' Forums across a wider area than just their own specific service responsibility area - picking up the patient's journey data and highlighting trends and issues across a health economy;
  • they will provide administrative support to Patients' Forums in their area; and
  • it will be possible for them to commission independent complaints advocacy services across an agreed geographical area.

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