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The MPET Review

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    18 March 2010
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There is widespread consensus that the current funding for clinical placements is not fit for purpose.  In particular, current arrangements are largely historical and do not reflect the quantity, quality or cost of education

 ‘A High Quality Workforce’ set out the need to address the issues around workforce planning, education commissioning and funding to promote high quality care for all.

The change to education and training funding is about improving the quality of NHS funded education by ensuring that money follows the student. By doing this we will bring about transparency, promote fairness and enable education commissioners to reward quality in education provision.

Over the past 18 months The Department of Health have completed a detailed costing exercise involving 21 trusts over 3 SHA’s, and worked with a wide range of stakeholders to develop proposals in order to implement this commitment and provide a placement fee for all clinical professions in training.

Although there is widespread acceptance of the need for change, our stakeholders did express concerns and urged us to take a cautious approach. In agreement with this DH are delaying the implementation, undertaking further piloting around salary support funding for postgraduate medical and dental education and to pilot the proposed funding thoroughly with SHA's.  

With this in mind, the 2010/11 NHS Operating Framework reiterated the intention to reform education funding, but confirmed that DH would not make any changes before April 2011.

DH are currently asking SHA’s to review their funding proposal with NHS trusts, commissioners and education institutions in their SHA area and feedback initial comments prior to issuing the rates to the wider NHS for piloting throughout 2010/11.

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