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LINks national and regional events

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    24 September 2007
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National event

On 13th December 2006 the ‘Getting Ready for LINks’ national conference was held at the London Paddington Hilton Hotel. This event was organised to explore in detail the development of Local Involvement Networks (LINks) and provide clarity to those stakeholders present on the arrangements needed in place once Patients’ Forums and the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH) are abolished 2008. A commitment was made at this event, that regional events will take place during Spring and Summer 2007, where the lessons learnt from this conference will inform the planning for the regional events.

This document contains a detailed write-up of the national event and was used to inform the agenda and proceedings for the regional events.

Regional events

Timetable and a report outlining the outcomes of each of these events.

These reports are used to inform guidance for stakeholders following Royal Assent to the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill.

[Please note: the transcription of these events was conducted by UBIQUS (a professional consulting and transcribing body) and was done independently of the Department of health and aims to reflect participants’ views and comments at these events]

1. Monday 23rd April, Birmingham regional event

2. Friday 27th April, London regional event

3. Monday 30th April, Preston regional event

4. Thursday 17th May, Middlesbrough regional event

5. Friday 1st June, York regional event

6. Thursday 7th June, Nottingham regional event

7. Monday 18th June, Reading regional event

8. Tuesday 26th June, Stansted regional event

9. Thursday 5th July, Exeter regional event

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