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Social Services Department: Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Last modified date:
    8 February 2007

Overall Aim

Definition of information required to run the business, based on business objectives across a balanced scorecard, and develop collection and reporting systems

Specification of information and systems to support integrated services for older people

User and carer-led web site development

Implications of interfacing the electronic social care record with the client database

Develop a process improvement and care pathway audit models

Main Contact

David Jones
Service Unit Manager - Strategy, Performance and Planning
TMBC Council Offices Wellington Road
Tel : 0161 342 3364
Fax : 0161 342 3793
E-mail :

Other participating organisations

West Pennine Health Authority
Sheridan Systems

IfSC themes addressed

Electronic Social Care Record
Information Sharing
Service delivery
Public access to information
Management Tools

Service User Groups covered

Children & Families
Physical Disability
Learning Disability
Mental Health
Older People

Key deliverables

  • "How to guides/checklists" for use by other authorities
  • Specification for an executive information system
  • Evaluation of single assessment pilot
  • Templates, data sets and processes for integrated performance management
  • Process improvement and care pathway audit modules

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