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Enhanced services

  • Last modified date:
    30 March 2010

Enhanced services plug a gap in essential services or deliver higher than specified standards, with the aim of helping PCTs reduce demand on secondary care. Enhanced services expand the range of services to meet local need, improve convenience and extend choice.  

There are three types of enhanced service:

  • Directed Enhanced Services (DES) - must be provided by the PCT for its population, for example the childhood immunisations programme
  • Local Enhanced Services (LES) - locally developed services designed to meet local health needs
  • National Enhanced Services (NES) - services to meet local needs, commissioned to national specifications and benchmark pricing. Examples are enhanced care of the homeless, more specialised services for multiple sclerosis and specialised care of patients with depression.

GP extended hours access

Guidance for primary care trusts on maximising the availabilty of GP extended opening hours. The guidance should be read in conjunction with the Primary Medical Services (Directed Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 2010 (the DES Directions) and the amendments to the Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE).

Directed Enhanced Service - Pandemic Influenza (H1N1) Vaccination Scheme

The Secretary of State Directions requiring Primary Care Trusts to enter into arrangements to vaccinate patients in the priority groups identified in the CMO letter of 13th August 2009 came into force on 30th October 2009.

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