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Best Research for Best Health - a new national health research strategy

  • Last modified date:
    2 April 2009
photograph of Professor Sally Davies

Professor Sally C Davies, Director of Research and Development at the Department of Health, says:

'Our new health research strategy Best Research for Best Health sets out the direction that NHS research and development will take to ensure a vibrant, world-class environment for conducting and using NHS health research.

Best Research for Best Health has been developed with input and support from other government departments and by talking with and formally consulting our many and diverse stakeholders. Our new strategy is designed to tackle the challenges we collectively identified and to put in place the changes that are essential to creating a health research system where the NHS supports outstanding individuals, working in world-class facilities, conducting leading-edge research focused on the needs of patients and the public.'

Press Release

Best Research for Best Health Implementation Plans

Best Research for Best Health has a range of related objectives which require different approaches. Implementation plans for the major components for the new National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) have been developed. Each implementation plan sets out the aim of the proposal, who will be involved, how it will be funded, and the timetable for implementation. These plans are regularly updated.

Transforming health research: the first two years - National Institute for Health Research progress report 2006-2008

The report describes the progress made by the National Institute for Health Research in implementing the Government's Best Research for Best Health research strategy.

The impact of the Research Strategy on Mental Health services and research

The research strategy Best Research for Best Health proposed that the R&D funding should move to a system which is transparent, fair and sustainable and where funding reflects R&D activity. 

Some concerns were raised about the impact of the research strategy on mental health services and research.  The Department commissioned a review on this issue, and the report together with the DH response have now been published.

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