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Assistive technology

  • Last modified date:
    9 July 2009

As technology evolves, the focus of research and development (R and D) in assistive technology - the equipment that may increase the range of activities, independence or well-being of disabled people - is constantly shifting.

Recent technological advances mean that, as well as research into the benefits of specific products, the systems, combinations of technologies and the way assistive technology interfacts with new mainstream technology are also researched.

The Department of Health (DH) produces an annual report on this work: Research and development work relating to assistive technology. It covers the RandD work carried out by or on behalf of any Government department in relation to equipment that might increase the mobility, activities and independence or well being of disabled people and those suffering from long-term conditions.

The annual reports are produced for DH by the Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST).  FAST is a charity funded by DH that works with the assistive technology community to promote useful research and development for disabled and older people.

Full details of research and development projects in assistive technology funded by Government are available on the FAST website, together with information on research funded by additional sources such as business and voluntary sector organisations.

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