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On 15 April 1989 Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest FC played in the Semi-Final of the FA Cup at the neutral venue, Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield. As a result of a crush on overcrowded terracing 96 men, women and children died, hundreds were injured and many others traumatised.

Following years of inquiries, investigations and controversy, the Hillsborough Independent Panel was established to secure maximum possible disclosure of all documents relating to the disaster. The panel will also publish a comprehensive report detailing how the disclosed information adds to the public’s understanding of the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath. It will make recommendations for a permanent archive.

In achieving its objectives the panel works closely with bereaved families and survivors and in co-operation with relevant public bodies.

Panel publishes report and discloses documents

The Hillsborough Independent Panel has now published its report, alongside hundreds of thousands of pages of original documents. The Panel's disclosure website is:


Copy and paste this web address into your browser's address bar if you want to visit the disclosure website.

Message from the Bishop of Liverpool

"I was honoured to be asked to chair the Hillsborough Independent Panel. I accepted because of my pastoral responsibility to the bereaved, to families, and to individuals, regardless of faith. In taking on what sometimes feels a daunting task, I am drawing upon my experience of trying to respond to the pastoral needs of communities, in Liverpool since 1998, and in each of the cities where I have served.

"For the families of the 96 people who died as a result of Hillsborough, but also for very many other people touched by the tragedy, the various official processes have left a deep feeling that something more needs to be done to address unresolved issues and to help heal the wounds created. The Independent Panel has an historic opportunity to answer the unanswered questions and contribute to the healing that is so needed.

"I am delighted that my colleagues have agreed to join the Panel and dedicate themselves to its work. I am confident that the Panel has the skills, experience and support it needs to be successful in the challenging tasks it faces. In all of its work it will act with independence, rigour, and sensitivity."

Right Reverend James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool