The government is helping local councils and developers work with local communities to plan and build better places to live for everyone. This includes building affordable housing, improving the quality of rented housing, helping more people to buy a home, and providing housing support for vulnerable people.

Detailed guides

  1. Housing finance and household expenditure: notes and definitions

    Information on how statistics on housing finance and household expenditure are compiled. Read more

  2. Paying tax on rent to landlords abroad

    How tenants and letting agents in the UK pay tax on behalf of landlords abroad under the Non-resident Landlord (NRL) Scheme. Read more

  3. Send money due to the Crown under a bona vacantia mortgage (BVC5)

    How to repay a charge that was due to a dissolved company and is now due to the Crown. Read more

  4. Apply to buy a freehold reversion (BVC4)

    How to refer or buy the freehold reversion of your flat that belonged to a dissolved company and now belongs to the Crown. Read more

  5. Local authorities and the Green Deal

    Guidance for local authorities in delivering the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in their communities. Read more