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Monday, 17 May 2010

Image of a man and woman talking in business district.

Image of a man and woman talking in business district.

Image of a man and woman talking in business district.

R&D Partnerships

The fast, expert partner-matching service that helps innovative international organisations develop technology partnerships in the UK.

What is R&D Partnerships?

R&D Partnerships, formerly known as the Global Partnerships Programme, provides a free partner identification service for selected organisations to help them find exactly the right academic or commercial partner in the UK for research and development collaborations.

By employing a proven partner search process and the expertise of technology and business specialists, R&D Partnerships is able to produce rigorously researched reports detailing potential partners and to support organisations during the early stages of the partnering process.

For organisations wishing to capitalise on UK innovation to develop, customise, manufacture or licence a technology or product, R&D Partnerships can help to minimise the risks and maximise the potential of partnering.

Download the brochure

For full details on harnessing the power of partnerships, download the R&D Partnerships brochure as a PDF.

Who is it for?

Any international organisation of any size seeking an R&D partner to undertake a joint advanced technology project that will:

  • deepen scientific or technological knowledge, or

  • improve or develop a product or process

Visit our success stories page to find out more about the organisations we have already helped.

Which partnerships are eligible?

R&D Partnerships can help organisations interested in forming one of six different types of partnership involving research and development (R&D) or innovation activity. Use this list of partnerships to give you an idea which one might be the best fit for your project.

How do organisations benefit?

R&D Partnerships helps organisations realise opportunities that would be far beyond their individual grasp. By identifying partners with the knowledge, skills and strategies to add value to a project, it provides a low-risk method of fast-tracking innovation and growth goals in the UK.

R&D Partnerships can also aid open innovation and remove obstacles to collaborating caused by cultural and language differences and resource constraints. This enables organisations to reap the rewards of partnering while simultaneously maintaining the momentum of their business.

Read more about the benefits of getting involved with R&D Partnerships.

How to realise the full potential of partnering

Technology partnering has become an important business tool. The sharing of ideas, resources, expertise and goals not only makes innovation possible, it can also add significant extra value to the process.

The UK has long believed in the power of partnerships, which means we have thousands of organisations experienced in the process and thousands more actively seeking partners for their R&D and technology projects.

Our partnering heritage also means we have developed successful ways of bringing partners together – such as R&D Partnerships – and a wealth of best practice partnering guidance.

Read more about setting up a successful partnership.

How R&D Partnerships works

R&D Partnerships brings a wealth of resources, networks and expertise to the task of identifying and validating potential UK partners and preparing a detailed Partner Identification Report (PIR) for each international client.

Submitted to the client within 15 working days, the PIR contains full profiles of selected UK organisations, enabling them to contact the most promising to discuss the partnering proposal in more detail.

As meetings are arranged and decisions made, the client can continue to call on the assistance of R&D Partnerships, drawing on the UK Government's global network of commercial and technology specialists and on the knowledge within national and regional organisations in the UK to help get their partnership up and running.

Find out more about how the R&D Partnerships process works.

How to get R&D Partnerships working for you

R&D Partnerships is a simple, straightforward service that starts with a call or email from you – either to the UK Trade & Investment office nearest to you wherever you are in the world or to the R&D Partnerships team in London.

We aim to keep paperwork to a minimum and to make the knowledge and networks of our people work hard for you.

Contact an Investment Officer at your nearest UK Trade & Investment office


Contact the R&D Partnerships office in the UK:

Brenda Stevens


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7215 4238

For full details on harnessing the power of partnerships, download the R&D Partnerships brochure.

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