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1. Make and win the economic argument for greater investment in skills - Priority overview

In absolute terms the skills of Britain’s workforce are higher than ever and still increasing. However, relative to the rest of the world we are not improving our skills fast enough to secure economic growth and an internationally competitive workforce. As the UK government seeks to rebalance the economy towards the private sector, so we need a rebalancing of investment in skills.

Although the ‘return on investment’ case has been made before, it has not changed the investment behaviour of enough employers and individuals to make the UK world class for skills. 

The business world’s interest and their commitment to investing in the development and use of skills will depend on their belief that that is aligned to business success.  It is essential we speak their language, developing a persuasive case in a way that is succinct and compelling for small and large businesses.

For the individual, we intend to sharpen the purpose and effectiveness of the Labour Market Information that is gathered and made available to better support individuals in the learning and job choices they make.

The main thrust of our work under this priority aims to:

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Lesley Giles is leading for the Commission on priority one.

Lead Commissioner