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4.Work with employers to maximise opportunities for unemployed and disadvantaged people - Priority overview

World-class productivity requires as many people as possible to be in jobs returning a high economic value. There are also many social benefits to high employment. While employment in the UK has, historically, been relatively high there are regions and sections of the population facing significant barriers to sustained employment. As the government seeks to shrink the public sector, reduce the welfare budget and stimulate economic recovery, it is more important than ever that the private sector aspires to growth that creates new and higher value jobs.

There is a real opportunity for the Commission to show leadership in encouraging the wider business world to play their part.  Their interest in, and their commitment to creating opportunities for unemployed people will depend on our ability to identify what works, build on the best ideas and help build effective relationships between employers and those whose task it is to support and encourage people into sustainable employment.

The main areas of work under this priority are:

  • Employment challenge - evidence base
  • The interventions and actions that work from an employer perspective
  • Improve career guidance

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Moira McKerracher is leading for the UK Commission on priority four.

Lead Commissioner

 Liz Sayce

Liz Sayce