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        HMS Edinburgh

        HMS Edinburgh

        HMS Edinburgh – known as the ‘Fortress of the Sea’ – is the nation’s last Type 42 destroyer, a veteran of the destroyer fleet known as the workhorses of the Royal Navy. The ship is currently taking on a range of tasks across the breadth of the Atlantic, supporting counter-narcotic efforts in the seas around West Africa, and providing reassurance to UK territories and dependencies across the globe.

        HMS Edinburgh might be the last of the class but she remains a capable ship with a highly-trained and motivated ship’s company that is determined to preserve the fine tradition that the T42s have established in 30 years of service.

        Cdr Nick Borbone
        HMS Edinburgh Leaving Portsmouth

        Although aged, HMS Edinburgh has resisted the ravages of time – a £17.5m package of work undertaken in Portsmouth Naval Base in 2010 helped Edinburgh fulfil her tasking until her retirement in June this year – 30 years after she was launched at the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead.

        That revamp not only upgraded her weapons and communications systems, but saw her emerge as a greener, cleaner ship. Her hull was coated with a super-efficient paint to make her glide through the water more easily and an underwater spoiler known as a transom flap was fitted to the stern, which together will cut fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent.

        As anyone who’s served in HMS Edinburgh will tell you, life is heaven aboard D97.


        Nick Borbone

        Nick Borbone
        HMS's Ark Royal, Brilliant, Peacock, Cromer, Liverpool, Newcastle, Shoreham and Ramsey
        Military experience

        Nick Borbone joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Rating in 1984 and saw service in HMS Ark Royal during her first commission and in HMS Brilliant where he deployed to the Gulf for Op Granby in 1991 and the Adriatic in 1992 in support of operations in Bosnia. He was selected for officer training at Britannia Royal Naval College in 1994.

        Initial officer training included time in HMS Peacock based in Hong Kong and, following completion of the junior warfare course, his first complement appointment was to HMS Cromer as Navigating Officer. This was followed by an appointment as Officer of the Watch in HMS Liverpool before undertaking the Principal Warfare Officer (PWO) course in 2000.

        In 2001, he joined HMS Richmond as the above water warfare specialist. This appointment saw a return to the Gulf where he was the Ship’s Operations Officer and the Bombardment Control Officer for the first phase of Op Telic which included the provision of Naval Gunfire Support during the Royal Marines’ assault of the Al Faw Peninsula.

        After further specialist training as an Air Warfare Officer, he joined HMS Newcastle as the Operations Officer in 2003 and saw her into retirement before taking up a post in the Fleet Headquarters dealing with warfare capability. Borbone took up an appointment in command of HMS Shoreham in April 2007 when he deployed as part of the UK MCM force in the Mediterranean.

        In August 2008 he transferred command to HMS Ramsey in the Gulf for operations as part of Op Telic before returning the Ship to the UK in March 2009. Following Command, he took up an assignment in the Directorate of Naval Personnel as a career manager for PWOs and Fighter Controllers in April 2009.

        On promotion to Commander in January 2011, he undertook a short assignment in the Naval Command HQ dealing with destroyer force generation before taking up his appointment in Command of HMS Edinburgh in January 2012.

        Nick is married, and has 3 children, Besides a busy family life his interests include cycling, hill walking, golf and sailing.


        Operation Atlantic Patrol South

        CURRENT STATUS: active

        The South Atlantic Patrol is the Navy's standing commitment to UK overseas territories, Commonwealth countries and other friendly nations in the South Atlantic in order to reassure and maintain a sovereign presence around the South Atlantic.















        Top Speed


        Range (Nautical)


        Launch Date


        Commissioned date


        Number of Officers


        TAKE A LOOK

        HMS Edinburgh

        'Fortress of the Sea'


        HMS Edinburgh HISTORY

        • The First Edinburgh

          There have been five previous warships to carry the name Edinburgh, the first in 1707 being a fifth rate warship carrying only 32 guns. She was sunk in 1709.

        • The Second Edinburgh

          The second was the forty-year-old Warspite which in 1715 was rebuilt and renamed Edinburgh. She had a long and distinguished career culminating in the award of battle honours "Ushant 1747" and "Cape Francois 1757". She was broken up in 1771.

        • Battle Honours

          Ushant 1747

        • Battle Honours

          Cape Francois 1757

        • The Third Edinburgh

          The third Edinburgh was a third rate of 70 guns, launched in 1811. She also had a busy career, distinguishing herself gaining the battle honours "Syria 1840" against the Egyptians and "Baltic 1854/55" in the war against the Russians. She was sold in 1865.

        • Battle Honours

          Syria 1840

        • Battle Honours

          Baltic 1854-55

        • The Fourth Edinburgh

          In 1882, a steel plated turret ship of 9,150 tons was launched to become the fourth Edinburgh. She was the first battleship to carry breech loading guns and was heavily armoured. She was sold in 1910.

        • The Fifth Edinburgh

          The fifth, and most famous, warship to bear the name was the cruiser built in 1939, who played a major part in many actions.

        • Battle Honours

          Norway 1940-41

        • Battle Honours

          ‘Bismarck’ 1941 Atlantic 1941 Malta Convoys 1941 Arctic 1941-41

        • Sunken Treasure

          In 1942, on convoy duty to Murmansk, she was torpedoed by the German U-Boat U456 and sank, with the loss of 57 men and her cargo of £5 million in gold bullion, en route to the UK as war payment. In 1981 the ship was again in the news when the gold, then worth £45 million, was salvaged.




        HMS Edinburgh returns to Portsmouth
        End of an era as HMS Edinburgh returns from Atlantic deployment
        28 March 2013

        HMS Edinburgh – the Royal Navy’s last remaining Type 42...

        End Of An Era As HMS Edinburgh Returns From Atlantic Deployment
        HMS Edinburgh Playing Rugby in the USA
        26 March 2013

        The crew of HMS Edinburgh took some time out during...

        End Of An Era As HMS Edinburgh Returns From Atlantic Deployment
        End Of An Era As HMS Edinburgh Returning From Atlantic Deployment
        25 March 2013

        HMS Edinburgh – the Royal Navy’s last remaining Type 42...

        HMS Edinburgh Lays Battle Of The Atlantic Wreath Mid Ocean
        HMS Edinburgh Lays Battle Of The Atlantic Wreath Mid Ocean
        25 March 2013

        On a cold March day in the mid Atlantic the...

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