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Pictures from ISAF: on patrol in Kabul and work at ISAF Headquarters
D Coy 2 Para on their first joint patrol with Afghan police
Lance Corporal Mills, of D Company,
2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment,
at the start of the Paras' first joint
patrol in Kabul with the local police


D Coy 2 Para on their first joint patrol with Afghan police
Private Dawai, of D Company,
2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment,
on patrol in Kabul
Tiger the dog
Warrant Officer Graham Smith of 216
Air Assault Squadron, with Tiger, newly
adopted mascot of 16 Air Assault Brigade
Headquarters, which acts as ISAF's
operational command centre
(High resolution version)
Planning the ISAF HQ
Planning for the deployment - Major
Fraser, commanding 216 Signal
Squadron, and Yeoman of Signals
Wilson work on the plans for the
Force headquarters in Kabul

First Afghan-German patrol
The Chief of Police at Kabul's No4
Police Station meets with Brigadier-General
von Butler, commander of the German
ISAF contingent, at the start of the first
Afghan-German joint patrol
(High resolution version)

Honour guard paraded for Fahim Khan
Soldiers from the UK, French, German,
Danish, Dutch and Austrian contingents
form an honour guard for a visit by
Fahim Khan, the Afghan Defence Minister
(High resolution version)
Joint security
An Afghan and a British Para provide
security during Fahim Khan's visit
(High resolution version)
Kabul guard post
A paratrooper guards an ISAF facility
in Kabul
(High resolution version)
Minimi gun on guard
A soldier from 2 Para, on guard with
a light machine-gun
(High resolution version)
SA-80A2 and Personal Role Radio
State of the art equipment: an RAF
Regiment gunner, armed with the new
SA-80A2 and equipped with the
Personal Role Radio
(High resolution version)
Danish patrol in Kabul
A Danish patrol drives through
the streets of Kabul
(High resolution version)
Talking with the locals
An RAF Regiment patrol and their
interpreter talk to local people
(High resolution version)

HQ Complex
ISAF's HQ complex, seen in the
early morning light
(High resolution version)

Here to help
A soldier from 7 Regiment Royal Horse
Artillery explains ISAF's mission to interested
local people with the help of an interpreter
and a loudspeaker system
(High resolution version)
Canadian Dep PM visit
The Canadian Deputy Prime
Minister arrives at Kabul Airport
(High resolution version)
Italian sentry
An Italian sentry on duty on the roof
of an ISAF HQ building
(High resolution version)
Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan, the United Nations
Secretary General, talking to Afghan
officials at Kabul Airport
(High resolution version)
Paying respects
An RAF Regiment gunner stops to
pay his respects at the graves of
British Servicemen from the
nineteenth century, buried at Kabul's
European cemetery
(High resolution version)
Lt Oz Muhammed
Lieutenant Oz Muhammed,
2 Para, on patrol in Kabul
(High resolution version)
French VBL
A French Panhard VBL armoured car
on patrol in Kabul. The French contingent
includes a light armoured
reconnaissance unit
(High resolution version)
Para patrol
An Afghan boy examines the telescopic
sight on a Paratrooper's sniper rifle
(High resolution version)
Paying respects
An important duty for patrols is the
distribution of leaflets explaining
ISAF's role in supporting the reconstruction
work of the Afghan Interim Authority
(High resolution version)
Romanian arrival
Lieutenant Colonel Gheorghita Teodorescu
formally places the Romanian contingent
under the command of Major General McColl
Major Fraser, 216 Signal Squadron,
explains the operation of a rebroadcast
system installed on a Kabul hilltop
(High resolution version)
Generator maintenance
Lance Corporal Wellburn repairs a
generator in freezing conditions at
the rebroadcast site
(High resolution version)
Para patrol
The view over Kabul in a snowstorm!
(High resolution version)
French VBLs in snow
The French armoured reconnaissance
unit returns from another patrol
(High resolution version)
UK Defence Secretary
The UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon
with Brigadier White-Spunner during a
visit to Kabul on 5 February
(High resolution version)
Geoff Hoon with 216 Sigs Sqn
Geoff Hoon talking to soldiers from
the British 216 Signals Squadron
(High resolution version)
Narrow streets
An ISAF vehicle negotiates the
narrow streets of Kabul
(High resolution version)
Local elder
Sergeant Amir Khan, Royal Air Force,
a Pashtun speaker, greets an Afghan
elder in his native tongue
(High resolution version)
Gurkha para
A Gurkha paratrooper of 2 PARA
(High resolution version)
Decades of damage
Conflict for over two decades has
left parts of Kabul in ruin
(High resolution version)
Herr Scharping, German Defence Minister,
seen with Maj Gen McColl and members of
the German contingent
(High resolution version)
Construction materials for the task
of rebuilding are stockpiled by the road
(High resolution version)
Chat with students
Major General McColl, ISAF Commander,
chats to English-language students in Kabul
(High resolution version)
Major General McColl meets with an
Afghan shopkeeper
(High resolution version)
McColl and old rifle
Maj Gen McColl inspects an old British
rifle, a prized trophy from the Second
Afghan War (1878-80)
(High resolution version)
Hospital assistance
An RAF medic with a young Afghan
girl at Kabul hospital. ISAF medics
are helping provide an Accident & Emergency
service in Kabul
(High resolution version)
Medical  demonstration
A British medical officer demonstrates
emergency paramedic equipment to
the female Afghan Minister for Health
(High resolution version)
RM patrol
Two Royal Marines of 40 Commando
patrol at Bagram airfield
(High resolution version)
Mined bridge
Two ISAF vehicles approach a
mined bridge, on the road between
Kabul and Bagram
(High resolution version)

Fording the river
Until the mines can be cleared and
the bridge made usable,
a neighbouring
ford is the only safe option
(High resolution version)

Rededication of cemetery
A wreath is laid during the rededication
of the European cemetary in Kabul
(Full story)
(High resolution version)
Transfer of command
Brigadier-General von Butler takes over
command of the ISAF brigade from
Brigadier White-Spunner on 19 March
(High resolution version)

Romanian/UK patrol
A Romanian military policeman from
265 MP Battalion and a female
ral from the UK's 156
Provost Company on joint patrol in Kabul
(High resolution version)

Romanian/UK patrol
Another joint UK-Romanian
Military Police patrol
(High resolution version)
New police radio
British signallers install a new radio
system at an Afghan police station,
whilst colleagues stand guard
(High resolution version)

New trucks
Major-General McColl hands over the
keys to two new pick-up trucks for the
Afghan Ministry of Water
in Kabul
(High resolution version)

New trucks
The vehicles have been funded by the UK
Department for International Development
to help develop the Ministry's infrastructure
(High resolution version)
R Anglian OP
Soldiers from the Royal Anglians at
an Observation Post above Kabul
(High resolution version)

Musharraf & Karzai
President Musharraf is greeted by Dr
Hamid Karzai at Kabul International
Airport during his visit to Afghanistan
on 2 April 2002
(High resolution version)

GPMG team
A Royal Anglian GPMG team
in an Observation Post
(High resolution version)
R Anglian patrol
Major Alan Wylie, 1st Battalion
Royal Anglian Regiment, talks to
local children in District 7 of Kabul
(High resolution version)

R Anglian patrol
Corporal McHenry, on patrol, is asked
to check a schoolboy's English homework
(High resolution version)
Japanese Foreign Minister
Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko
Kawaguchi with Major General McColl
during a visit to ISAF Headquarters
on 2 May. Whilst in Kabul, she announced
$18 million aid for mine clearance in
(High resolution version)


Karzai visit to ISAF
Dr Hamid Karzai, seen with Major-General
McColl, Brigadier-General von Butler,
and senior Afghan officials during a
recent visit to ISAF headquarters to
be briefed on the progress being made
by ISAF and their Afghan colleagues
(High resolution version)

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