Monday 19 May 2008

PM addresses Google conference

19 May 2008

Gordon Brown addresses the Google Zeitgeist Conference; Reuters copyrightGordon Brown has praised the internet industry as a model for the global economy in a speech at the Google Zeitgeist Conference this morning.

Speaking to business leaders at the summit in Hertfordshire, the PM said that the openness and flexibility of companies such as Google highlighted the global need for open, flexible and non-protectionist economic measures.

The PM said:

"The global economy will not work for people unless it is open, flexible, about free-trade, non-protectionist, inclusive, empowering and about building a society.

"The issue is not between change and no change but helping people to cope with change."

Mr Brown said that despite current economic turbulence there were reasons to be optimistic about globalisation, namely that the world economy will double in size "in the next 20 to 25 years", opportunities for social mobility will mushroom and technological advances will "empower people".

The Prime Minister today launched his own Ask the PM initiative on YouTube, calling for questions by video from people throughout the UK, as well as a joint project between Google Earth and the Met Office to build an interactive map of climate change.


Image copyright: Reuters



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