Atomic weapons programme - part 1

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Atomic weapons programme - part 1


Cab. must now decide wtr we shd. go on with m'fure of H. bomb. Badge to R. Enclosure.
Essential to m'tenance of deterrent. This, in turms, depends on multiplicity of bases - to offset risk of effective surprise attack. Must be able to make it clear to R. tht. they can't stop effective retaliation. That is only sure foundation for peace. Power of effective reprisal must be assured.
This makes it essential tht - we shd. make the H. bomb, & play our part in this.


Accept strategic argument.
We have reached concln. tht. we shd. make H. bomb as well as atomic. Taken preliminary steps. One diffy. is scientific man-power.
Can't say more at present.


Will Cab. approve in principle? And endorse preliminary action taken.


Wd. sooner have more time to reflect on this.


Are we to make it - or put ourselves in a posn. to make it?

Taken from C. 47(54) - Meeting held on 7 July 1954.