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The Liverpool Arabic Centre was established in 1997. Staff work alongside Yemeni and Arabic speaking individuals and communities and those interested in Arabic language and culture in the Merseyside area. They have a drop-in information and support service, that offers a range of welfare advice, work with youth groups, and promotes Yemeni and Arabic arts, language and culture. The Moving Here project is important to the Yemeni Community in Liverpool to enable the documentation and recording of the history and heritage of Yemeni pioneers who came to Liverpool and the region. The project is also an opportunity to raise the profile of the Yemeni community at a national level and provide links with individuals and groups within Liverpool’s Yemeni community and other communities around the country.


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Liverpool Yemeni Community: Liverpool Yemeni Arabic ClubLeaving Yemen
1950 - 2006
contributed by: Abderahman
Memories of Yemen
contributed by: Icara
Reflections on Yemen
2005 - 2006
contributed by: Leila and Samira
Life back in Yemen
contributed by: Shima and Yemenat
Childhood in Liverpool
1960 - 1979
contributed by: Marie
Journey from Yemen to Liverpool
1930 - 2006
contributed by: Mr Mohamed Rajeh
They should treat everyone in the same way
1980 - 2006
contributed by: Amin
When I first arrived in England...
contributed by: Baraka Selim
I’m a Yemeni woman, I was born in Britain
1980 - 2006
contributed by: Hana
contributed by: Lobna
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