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Individuals from Lutons Irish Forum worked with Moving Here and Luton Museum to record their personal stories of moving to England.

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Monaghan Mans Early Retirement in Luton
contributed by: Peadar Mc Kenna
Irish Life in England - Three Plays and a Poem
1990 - 2000
contributed by: Frank Horan
St Patricks DayA New Life - A New World
1955 - 1990
contributed by: Frank Horan
From Cavan to Luton
1938 - 2003
contributed by: Joe Ward
Changes - From a village in Ireland to a town in England
contributed by: Michael Maguire
Picture of the Prayer Book I was Given for my JourneyComing to Luton
1900 - 2002
contributed by: Anonymous
Farrell on the West CoastThe Life and Times of a West Coast Irishman from Achill Island.
1932 - 1961
contributed by: Farrell Gallagher
Luton Irish Forum
contributed by: Anonymous
British Work PermitA Brief History of my Life in England
1944 - 1970
contributed by: Paeder McKenna
From Donegal to England in 1956
1934 - 1979
contributed by: Martin O'Hehir
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