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tell your storyAll the stories below have been contributed by other visitors to Moving Here. Choose from the list and discover for yourself their experiences and memories.

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My family and me as foreigners in England (Great Britain)

contributed by: Garry Glave
From Italy to Scotland
1914 - 2007
contributed by: Louis Pierotti
Adjusting to Life in England
1975 - 2006
contributed by: Kwok Hing Fung
From fisherman to chef
1968 - 2006
contributed by: Wong Sing Liu
Hard work in Hong Kong and England
1969 - 2006
contributed by: Wai Lin Chan-Wu
From Vietnam to Hong Kong to Britain
1980 - 2006
contributed by: Nhi Che Voong
The benefits of living in the UK
1980 - 2006
contributed by: Sin Yin Chan
Working hard for my family
1948 - 2006
contributed by: Kong Sung Tong
His home is my home
1986 - 2007
contributed by: Anonymous
Reminiscing back to my younger days
1929 - 2007
contributed by: Anonymous
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