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tell your storyAll the stories below have been contributed by other visitors to Moving Here. Choose from the list and discover for yourself their experiences and memories.

Why not Tell your Story? You can include your own photographs too, or choose illustrations from our Catalogue.

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My Elusive German FamilyMy Elusive German Family
contributed by: Vivienne Wilfling
Leon Greenman - Auschwitz Survivor 98288
contributed by: Leon Greenman

contributed by: Anamika Rath
Frances and Lionel Banks - 1900s - 2003
contributed by: Frances and Lionel Banks
Butterfly FishFirst Impressions of England in 1964
1964 - 2003
contributed by: Sula Chance
A ward in San Fernando Hospital, 1955Memories From the Islands - Hospitals
1940 - 1960
contributed by: Haringey University of Third Age
Crossing the Divide
contributed by: Gabrielle b.1960
contributed by: Mary F.
Traffic Lights
contributed by: Beatrice b.1939
contributed by: Breda b.1956
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Has someone or something been written out of the history books which you feel should be included in the story of migration ? Here is your chance to tell your own story.

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