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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: 1992.7
Title: Permit issued by Municpal Office of Borisov on 26 April 1895 granting permisssion for three months for holder to dwell in certain areas in Russian Empire.
Description: Printed permit issued by the Municipal Office of Borisov on 26 April 1895 granting permission for the holder to reside in certain areas in the Russian Empire. The holder's personal details are completed by hand: his surname is Benenson, he is Jewish, 21 years old, single and taller than average.At that time Jews in the Russian Empire were permitted only to live within a restricted area known as the Pale of Settlement and could only leave this under certain conditions defined by law. The permit is valid for three months from the date of issue and cost 15 Kopeks.
Date(s): 1895
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Origins (conditions in the country of origin)
Format: Text
Access: Original available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
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