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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: 1998.89.1
Description: Printed passport issued to Wally Sara Deutschland by the German Reich on 23rd May 1939. - Passport issued to Wally Sara Deutschland by German Reich on 23rd May 1939 permitting her to travel abroad. The additional name 'Sara' was imposed by the Nazi authorities on all Jewish women, so marking them out clearly as Jews; men were forced to adopt the additional name of 'Israel'. The letter "J" stamped prominently in red ink on the first page stood for 'Jude', the German word for 'Jew' and was another method of clearly identifying the bearer as a Jew. The passport is particularly interesting as it shows that Wally Deutschland entered Britain on a visa permitting her to work only as a domestic servant. This was one of the largest categories of employment for which Britain granted visas at this time and many thousands of Jewish women who managed to leave Germany and Austria before the Second World War came to Britain on such visas. Wally Deutschland later changed her name to Erna Land. At the time of her death in the early 1990s, she was living in a Council flat in Cricklewood, London.
Date(s): 23 May 1939
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Origins (conditions in the country of origin)
Format: Text
Access: Available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
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